Industrial Process of Tobacco

1. In this process, tobacco is received from the farms and humidity and quality of leaves are controlled.

2. After the leaves are dried, they are carefully laid into large piles of 40 kilograms each by type of cutting for fermentation; after 3 to 4 months some water is applied in order to pass to the second stage of fermentation.

3. At this stage, the leaves are send to the sorting department, where they are meticulously graded by quality and time.

4. Subsequently, the leaves are taken to warehouses, stored in large piles which are covered in cloth for their second fermentation, which can last between 6 to 24 or more months.

5. Once the leaves are fermented and they arrive at the factory, they are graded according to size, color and quality. Finally the leaves are de-veined by removing the center vein from the leaf, making at the same time piles of tobacco by size, color and quality.

6. The de-vein tobacco passes to the drying room for 12 hours, afterwards it is piled in bales of 120 pounds with the right humidity and transferred to the aging process in optimum conditions.

7. For the manufacturing of the cigars, aged tobacco leaves are send to the rolling plant in small packages for 100 cigars, depending on the blend and brand, which is controlled by a established bill of materials, which assures consistency.

8. There are three basic components that make up a cigar:

  1. The Filler
  2. The Binder
  3. The Wrapper

Handmade cigars are composed of filler tobacco bunched together with a binder leave and finally dressed up with the wrapper leaf. All are cigars are bunched together with the best quality long filler leaves. The binder holds the bunch together and it's finally dressed up with our beautiful wrapper leaf.

9. Quality Cigars manufactured at our plant follows a strict quality control process consisting of:

  • Special professional equipment that measures and determines the draw of the cigar.
  • Technical team smokes the cigars to assure consistency of quality and blend.
  • Immediate supervisors of the rollers keeps a close watchful eye in the way the cigars are rolled.
  • Chart of quality control of the bill of material used in the construction, with detail specifications of: color, aroma, strenght, wrapper.
  • Humidity control.
  • Cigar by cigar inspection.
  • Weight control for every 10 cigars.

10. After a month in special humidors with controlled temperature the cigars passes to its final stage, that is packing.Here the cigars are selected by color, rings are placed and cigars are protected with individual celophane tubes and finally packed in their beautiful crafted wooden boxes.

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